XRacing High Flow Stainless Steel Resonator 2.5" Or 3" Inlet Size!!!

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**Why should you purchase X-Racing Mufflers / RESONATOR?

*X-Racing Mufflers are made from highest quality and unlike others which are Chinese made

*X-Racing Mufflers are fully designed and custom made for X-Racing Motorsport

*X-Racing Mufflers have X-Racing Mufflers Printed on each to prove it's Authenticity

*X-Racing Mufflers are designed to increase performance, provide your car with free flow edge and a RAW Edge

*X-Racing Mufflers are designed to use on Drift Cars in Japan and are not available for sale anywhere else but in Japan itself

*X-Racing Mufflers accompany silencers either built in or removable (depending on the muffler you choose)

*X-Racing Motorsport have the largest range of mufflers to suit every car, whether it's Japanese, Euro or American Built

*X-Racing Motorsport is a reputable store and is not an on-line only business, you can come into our Shop and PICK Up or choose to have it delivered, we will not rip you off on shipping either unlike others.


Designed to use in the middle of exhaust system (instead of factory Catalytic Converters to increase the flow for more power and improve deeper back flow sound.

When you have a XRacing Muffler,this resonator will work with the muffler perfect,and you will definitely get some horsepower and deeper sound with XRacing Muffler + resonator.

This can also be used to quiet down a very noise muffler in your currect exhaust system and make deeper n powerful sound.

Finished in high quality T-304 STAINLESS STEEL. Ceramic Fibre Packing inside. Provides a much higher temperature resistance (1150dC) than normal fibre which can degrade significantly under high heat.
Offers improved sound absorption over plain stainless and normal fibre packing.



XRACING 2.5" or 3"  High Flow Stainless Steel RESONATOR


Inlet Diam: 3''  ( 76.2 mm )    

Inlet tip length : 2'' (50.8 mm)

Out let Diam: 3'' (76.2 mm) 

Outer tip length: 2'' (50.8 mm)       

 Body Size: 4'' (100 mm )      

 Body Length: 12''  (304.8 mm)

Overall Length: 16''  (406.4 mm) 

>>>High flow design,Work with performance muffler in the exhaust system to increase high RPM engine horsepower and deeper sound.

>>>Great for all car with an engine size below 4000cc or power below 350HP.

>>> Best price offered in NZ, in store's retail price over $200 each with out silencer.