Euro Style Twin Pipe MUFFLER with 2.5" Inlet *XRACING*

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*Why should you purchase X-Racing Mufflers? 

*X-Racing Mufflers are made from highest quality and unlike others which are Chinese made 

*X-Racing Mufflers are fully designed and custom made for X-Racing Motorsport 

*X-Racing Mufflers have X-Racing Mufflers Printed on each to prove it's Authenticity 

*X-Racing Mufflers are designed to increase performance, provide your car with free flow edge and a RAW Edge 

*X-Racing Mufflers are designed to use on Drift Cars in Japan and are not available for sale anywhere else but in Japan itself 

*X-Racing Mufflers accompany silencers either built in or removable (depending on the muffler you choose) 

*X-Racing Motorsport have the largest range of mufflers to suit every car, whether it's Japanese, Euro or American Built 

Drift Car / Show car / Vip Car / Van / 4wd / V8's you name it these can go on ANYTHING!!!


1 x Euro Style  Twin Pipe MUFFLER with 2.5" Inlet 

Perfect for you All your Euro cars like BMW, VW , Audi & So on


Finished in high quality T-304 STAINLESS STEEL. Ceramic Fiber Packing inside. Provides a much higher temperature resistance (1150 dC) than normal fiber which can degrade significantly under high heat.

Offers improved sound absorption over plain stainless and normal fibre packing.

Inlet Diam.: 63.5 mm

Outlet Diam: 76.2 mm X 2

Body Diameter: 150 mm x 220 mm

Body Length: 355.6 mm

Overall Length: 582 mm

Muffler feature
>>>High flow design, increase high RPM engine horsepower.
>>>Great dep sound for all car with an engine size below 8000cc or power below 550HP.
>>>Best price offered in NZ, instore retail price over $300 each