JDM Boso Hang Ring / Tsurikawa / Drift Handle / Drift Charm

JDM Boso Hang Ring / Tsurikawa / Drift Handle / Drift Charm

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Bosozoku Style JDM Hang Ring / Tsurikawa / Drift Handle Subway / Train Handle

7 colors to choose from!!!







These are getting very hard to find and get hold of these days and are used within the JDM community to hang off tow hooks from your car, grab handles within the interior or wherever you want true JDM style.

The style was originally crafted within Bosozuku counter-culture where originally the train handles were stolen from Japanese trains and hung on the tow hooks/grab handles to celebrate their reckless behavior.

This really is a must for any JDM lifestyle enthusiast that likes to live the lifestyle and show off true JDM style with unique, rare and exciting accessories that are rarely going to be seen anywhere else.

Not to be confused with cheaper, low-quality imitations.
These are genuine subway hang rings made for subway trains
Best hung from either rear tow hook, or interior passenger grab handles.

You are buying off a company that lives and breathes all things JDM!!!