Jdm Samurai Katana Gear Knob Universal fitment 200 mm

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JDM Samurai Katana Gear Knob

Samurais were noble Japanese warriors that fought evil with their swords and the Japanese Katana sword was said to represent its Samurai owner's soul. So how about putting a Samurai's soul in your car? 


Now available as a knob shifter, the Samurai's soul lives on each time you reach out to shift gears. A perfect melding of form and function, the versatile 10-inch Katana Samurai sword shift knob is a marvel of aesthetic beauty and skillful engineering, making it a great conversational piece and superb manual handling for the shifting of gears.


Perfect for those who prefer a touch of individuality in your car, the age of the Samurai was one of honor, nobility, courage, and strength. Drive confidently into the future but never let go of the past.



  • Condition: 100% Brand New
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Surface Color: Black & Red 
  • Bottom Color: Silver
  • Size: 150 mm 


  • Unique exterior design
  • Comfortable hand feels as well as cool appearance
  • Easy to install, direct replacement for the original knob


  • Universal fit for most cars, vehicles
  • No stalls lock cars are applicable, that is the shift doesn't need to press the button models are applicable.
  • It is made from 2 parts: A handle and a tsuba
  • Handle fittings: Brass fuchi & kashira + synthetic silk ito + imitative rayskin + hardwood
  • Also comes with 1 more Adopter so can fit almost any car!! 

Package Content:

  • 1x Katana Gear Shift Knob