Super Sequential Blow-off Valve - Silver or Black

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Super Sequential Blow-off Valve - Silver or Black


Sequential blow-off valve including all parts as pictured.

It will fit ANY turbo car.


Super Sequential turbo blow-off valve.

Made from a high-quality CNC billet aluminium

die-cast body and anodized finish.

Including an O-ring,

hardware and 2.5'' adapter flange.

These blow-off valves are dual-stage pull-type relief valves, Unlike typical push-type blow-off valves,

It is for maximum performance and incorporates both a small primary valve for ultra quick activation and a larger secondary valve for additional discharge capacity.

It is constructed of billet aluminium, which ensures long-term durability and a high lustre look.

Triple Fin design produces "Super Sound" Triple Fins set at the centre of the funnel and produces a dynamic and aggressive sound.